Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The days are just packed

We have had one of Nick and Charlotte’s friends with us in Cape Town for a few days, en route from London to other friends in Plettenberg Bay. We managed to pack several essential Cape Town experiences into his last day:

(1) Table Mountain. We set off before sunrise, going up India Venster. Despite the dire warnings on the sign (below), it’s an interesting and not too challenging route if you know the way. There was much complaining from various quarters about starting to walk while it was still pitch dark, but given the heat later in the day, we were all quite pleased to be arriving at the top before 11am.

(2) Boulders Beach. I used to come on holiday here as a child - long before the penguins arrived. Now the beach is split into two - one half is a penguin colony, the other is for swimming. Penguins are known to wander over to the swimming beach, and this one found Charlotte most interesting.

(3) Llandudno for sundowners. Since it is on the way home from Boulders (via Chapman's Peak) we stopped off at Llandudno to watch the surfers and the sunset. Nick and Matthew swam. Passing surfer (on his way out of the water): 'Aren't you guys cold?' Nick and Matthew (wetsuitless): 'No, we're British.'

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Jo said...

Looks utterly fabulous. What an amazing experience. I would love to have a penguin view me with interest. Charlotte Eva is extremely privileged :)